$1,000 Credit for Local Heroes

We want to thank all of the special heroes who risk their lives daily in our community. We and Tom Cumpston of First Home Mortgage have created our own credit towards a home purchase for all first responders. This is a $1,000 credit when you work with Tom, Bob and Linda to purchase a home.
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Three Ways Marylanders Can Avoid Shocking Electric Bills

Unless you’ve forged a life off the grid, chances are good that there are a few constants when it comes to your mailbox. Every so often an envelope arrives with the logo of your cell phone provider, energy company, or municipality – and inside is your monthly or quarterly bill. It might not be fun,
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Caught Off Guard: Hidden Costs of Homeownership

Owning a home isn’t entirely about the dollars and cents – in addition to the monetary benefits, it often comes down to the fact that homeownership is part of many peoples’ American Dream. After all, owning a piece of property is a sign of accomplishment and a means of building on a family legacy for
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Window 411: Making The Most Of The Glass You’ve Got

Window 411 making the most of the glass youve got

Sometimes in the process of building, buying, or renovating a home, we make sacrifices on things that we want in order to accomplish everything that’s essential. Luxuries like accent elements, decorative treatments, and optional features are often the first to go. And although we’re glad to balance the checkbook, it’s only afterward that we regret
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Operation Facelift: Maryland Funding To Rehabilitate Your Historic Home

You love homes with character, personality, and a unique flair that you just can’t get in a modern suburban development. There’s no comparing a lovingly kept and sturdily constructed historic home to the cookie-cutter designs of contemporary homes. And best of all, choosing an older house is like rescuing a pet – you’re excited to
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Go Big Or Go Small: Either Way, Go Home

Whether you’re in the starter home you purchased years ago or you’ve moved around a few times, life changes can sometimes necessitate a change in scenery. Perhaps you’re adding kids to the family and need additional room, a more family-oriented community, or a better school district. Or maybe you’re becoming empty nesters and are ready
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On the Move: Five Common Reasons to Buy/Sell

It can be hard to imagine going through the process of buying a home more than once. The stress of finding a new home, dealing with all of the paperwork, and actually packing up and moving seems like enough to make anyone want to stay put for a lifetime. But when reality sets in, it’s
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